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Samstag, 24. Juni 2017


Country: Finland
Status: Active
Since: 2009

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Anssi Kantola (Vocal/Guitar)
Bhaadi Partanen (Guitar)
Otto Trygg (Bass/Vocal (Backing))
Oskari Tarvainen (Drums)

[Demo] Deligion (2010.04.13)
1. The Spiral
2. Dance Among the Serpens
3. Deligion part I
4. Deligion part II

[Demo] Forest of Ignorance (2010.09.25)
1. Truth Altered
2. Display of Ash (Yellowstone Caldera) 
3. Forest of Ignorance

[Demo] Escalation (2012.01.01)
1. The End Results in Violence
2. Beyond Iris
3. Symbol of Enslavement

[Album] Human Disposition (2013.04.25)
1. Throne of Mammon (instrumental)
2. The Numbers Become My Enemies
3. Fail to See
4. Relinquish
5. Looking Back to Tomorrow
6. Human Disposition (instrumental)
7. Truth Altered
8. Beyond Iris
9. Loss of Time
10. The End Results in Violence

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