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Montag, 22. April 2019


Genre: Hard Rock
Country: USA

Prince Valium [Album] (2003)
1. Loaded Gun
2. Nothing Left
3. Something New
4. Walk Away
5. No Direction
6. Underground
7. False Idol
8. Xanax
9. Super Pop
10. Now And Again
11. Prince Valium
12. End Of Ends
13. Inside


Country: United States
Label: Unmatched Brutality Records

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Marcelino "Mars" Gonzales (Vocal)
Aaron Gonzales (Guitar)
Robin Mack (Guitar)
Johny Gonzales (Drums)

Infernal Torture [Album] (2008.05.08)
1. Amputated God
2. Worm Infested
3. Cryptic Cosmic Disintegration
4. Bound, Gagged And Raped With A Knife
5. Realm Of Decay
6. Inflicted Torture
7. Prepare The Tools Of Torture


Country: Sweden
Label: Unsigned / Independent

[Split Up]
Genre: Death Metal

Dan Swanö (Vocal / Guitar / Bass)
Anders Jakobson (Vocal / Drums)

Desecration [Demo] (1990.10.05)
1. Nocturnal God
2. Life Among The Dead
3. Realm Of Orcus/Desecration


Country: Denmark
Label: Progress Red Labels

[Split Up]
Genre: Death Metal

Jonas Holmberg (Vocal)
Lars Bangsholt (Guitar)
Jakob Schultz (Guitar/Bass)
Stefan Lerke Nielsen (Drums)

Maceration was a project of two Invocator members (Jakob Schultz and Jacob Hansen) + Rune Hansen and Lars Bangholt. On their debut "A Serenade of Agony" Dan Swanö did the vocals using his famous psedonym Day Disyraah. Swanö and Hansen left the band after the cd was released, and then Maceration started changing music style towards groove and hardcore. Maceration made one more demotape in 1995 playing that style, before they split up. Some members continued playing together in the hardcore band Self, that made one cd 'The Sinister Urge' in the late 90'es.

A Serenade of Agony [Album] (1992)
1. Intro - Silent Lay The Gentle Lamb
2. A Serenade Of Agony
3. Transmogrified
4. Pain And Pleasure Incarnate
5. The Watcher
6. The Mind Rampant
7. Reincarnation / Time Flies
8. The Forgotten

Sonntag, 21. April 2019


Country: International (Belgium/USA)
Label: Chalice of Blood Angel Productions

Genre: Death Metal

Mark Riddick (All Instruments)
Adrien "Liquifier" Weber (Vocal)

Blood-Nurtured Nature [Album] (2012.02.14)
1. Life Is the Symptom
2. Fragments of Torpor  
3. Hominal Peel Diggers 
4. Blood-Nurtured Nature
5. Consuming the Fleshly Wax
6. Thick Slabs of Moribund Fat
7. Contribution to Your Dis-Elaboration
8. Exile of Sanity

Mittwoch, 17. April 2019

{Group Presentation} Zyphoyd

Zyphoyd is based in Melbourne,Victoria,Australia and is a Metal band with Prog,Thrash,Neo Classical and Extreme elements.

The members consist of :
Kieran Larkey - Vocals,Guitars and Main Songwriter

Glen Sambrook- Guitars

Kieran and Glen have both played together in earlier bands and projects since late High School and under the name Zyphoyd were lucky enough to play many shows and tour the North coast of NSW with Legendary Oz Guitarist Phil Emmanuel from 2006 to 2010 when Zyphoyd was a Instrumental project.

In 2009 Zyphoyd released their first EP Zyphoyd Prelude To The Storm.A instrumental album off 5 cuts,containing Shred,Neo Classical,Prog Rock and Eastern Heavy Metal elements impressing some Monster Guitar Players in the Australian Music industry such as Peter Northcoate,Jeremy Barnes and Phil Emmanuel.

In 2011 both Members moved from the Mid North Coast of NSW to Melbourne,VIC and changed the direction of the band with Main Songwriter Kieran Larkey concentrating on moving away from the small market of instrumental music back to their Roots with Kieran writing and singing on the newer Material.The band still retained elements of the Previous Instrumental works with Trade off solos and Harmonys reminiscent of the 80s Shrapnel era.

In 2016 Zyphoyd Released the EP Three Days Of War and since 2012 have been gigging around the Melbourne scene as a Duo in hopes to establish a full lineup.They have been featured in Heavy Magazine and on UK Radio Station The Wayward Rock Show.

If you will be exact there are not only Progressive Thrash Metal, in there own Words "Metal with Thrash, Groove, Prog, Extreme and Neo Classical elements"

When you search Support Sites for them 

I will link the most recent EP also here :)
1. Three Days of War
2. Relentless Tyranny
3. The Five Elements
4. Reborn
5. Chaos Reigns

Bandcamp is also linked on the Cover of the EP! 

If you wanna see them on Stage then there you GO \m/

Let me know in the Comments what you think! :)

Dienstag, 16. April 2019

{Group Presentation} One Arm Away

One Arm Away (as in "at arm's length") is a name inspired by the teachings of Shaman Yaki Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda, a published writer ("Journey to Ixtlan", "The Devil's Weed" and many others). In this particular event, the indian showed the city man, who thought himself superior, and underestimated the shaman, that he should be humbler.

The shaman did this during a peyote trip, where Carlos was suddenly instructed to look to his left. He did, and was horrified, for he saw the most terrifying image he had ever seen in his entire life. Once the scare was passed, the Indian explained it was the city man's death, and that our deaths are always on our left, at arm's length, or an arm away. And that its inevitable touch must be a constant reminder that encourages an exercise in humility and righteousness. Make the best you can out of your present time, and never underestimate another's teachings. No matter how "lowly" that person might seem.

If you in search for a Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal Group from Brazil then I recommend One Arm Away. Support is always Welcome so Show them some on Facebook or on Youtube.

The most recent Album Carpe Ludus was Released in October 2016!
1. Carpe Ludus
-> 2. Dead Eyes <-
4. Blind Stupidity
5. I Am
6. Cross
7. Destiny
8. My Own Sun
9. Fake Tears
10. Test
11. The Law of Free Will

I have featured 2 of the Offical MVs on the Tracklist so you can see and listen to them.
On there Youtube Channel you also can see them Live Perform in 2017 Pro Rock Event!

For search on Streaming there Music please ask them on Facebook 
Amazon / Oblivion of Destiny does also have there latest Album & Single

Let me know in the Comments how you find them :) \m/