...and Oceans

Country: Finland
Status: Changed Name
Since: 1989-1992 (as Festerday), 
1992 (as Cardinal), 
1992-1993 (as Peacefrog), 
1993-1994 (as Raw Energy), 
1995-2005, 2005-2013 (as Havoc Unit), 
2013-present (as Festerday)

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Electronic Metal (later)

Kenny (Vocal)
Petri Seikkula (Guitar)
T (Guitar)
Q (Bass)
Sami Latva (Drums)
Anti (Keyboard/Programming)

[Demo] Mare Liberum (1997.06.01)
1. Trollfan
2. September (När hjärtat blöder)
3. Ur åldrig saga och sång
4. Som öppna böcker

[Album] The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts (1998.01.01)
1. Trollfan
2. The Room of Thousand Arts
3. Som öppna böcker
4. Je te connais beau masque
5. Mikrobotik Fields / Ur åldrig saga och sång
6. Samtal med tankar - Halo of Words
7. September (När hjärtat blöder)
8. Kärsimyksien vaaleat kädet

[Album] A.M.G.O.D. (2001.02.20)
1. Intelligence Is Sexy
2. White Synthetic Noise
3. Tears Have No Name
4. Esprit de Corps
5. Odious & Devious
6. Of Devilish Tongues
7. Postfuturistika
8. TBA in a Silver Box
9. New Model World



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