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Freitag, 12. April 2019

1000 Funerals

Country: Iran
Label: Silent Time Noise

[Split Up]
Genre: Funeral Doom/Death Metal/Ambient

Haamoon (Vocal (shouts) / Keybaord / Bass)
Hamid Avinar Malekzadeh Asl (Vocal / Keyboard (Solos) / Guitar/ Drums / Bass)

[EP] Butterfly Decadence (2011)
1. Sutured Lips 
2. Of Love Then Deceit
3. Nothing Has Ever Been
4. Butterfly Decadence
5. Vast Infinite Beauty 
6. Night’s Dew (Shape of Despair cover)

[EP] Portrait Of A Dream (2012)
1. Igneous Lips
2. Final Wish
3. Your Fancy
4. Moon’s Heart
5. Portrait Of A Dream (Instrumental)
6. Igneous Lips (Emerna Version)
7. Your Fancy (Emerna Version)

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