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Dienstag, 14. März 2017


Genre: Electronic
Style: EBM, Industrial

The Faults of Humanity [Album] (2010.06.11)
CD 1
1. Frailty 
2. God's Blind Game 
3. My Darling Bullet 
4. Crawling In The Dark 
5. The Last White Dance 
6. Curse.Forgive.Kill.Cure 
7. Together Against It 
8. Its Not A Love Song 
9. Price For All Of Us 
10. Under Code 
11. Finale

CD 2
1. Together Against It (Psy'Aviah Rendition) 
2. The Last White Dance (Ad Inferna Remix) 
3. Crawling In The Dark (C-Lekktor Remix) 
4. My Darling Bullet (Angels On Acid Remix) 
5. Together Against It (Shiv-R Remix) 
6. The Last White Dance (Gothika Remix) 
7. Crawling In The Dark (Dolls Of Pain Remix) 
8. My Darling Bullet (Mommy Hurt My Head Remix) 
9. Together Against It (The Twilight Garden Remix) 
10. The Last White Dance (Centhron Remix) 
11. Crawling In The Dark (Kant Kino Remix) 
12. My Darling Bullet (2 Bullet Remix) 
13. Together Against It (De-Source Remix)

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