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Donnerstag, 11. August 2016


Formerly known as Exterminator

Country: Brazil
Genre: Thrash Metal
Status: On hold
Since: 1989-?

Robson Goulart (Vocal)
Marcos V. (Guitar)
Eric Weber (Guitar)
Chico Comelli (Bass)
Fabio Buitvidas (Drums)
Acid Storm @

Why?... Dirty War [EP] (1989.00.00)
Side A
1. Choose Live or Die
2. Scourgue of the Gods
3. Terminator

Side B
4. The Madness
5. Why?... Dirty War
6. Never Renounce

Biotronic Genesis [Album] (1991.12.20)
Side A
1. Intro (The Beginning)
2. Metal Beasts
3. Hungry for Life
4. Symbiotic Love
5. Last Days of Paradise

Side B
6. Galatic Holocaust
7. Biologic Mechanization
8. Star Host

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