Freitag, 5. August 2016

A Canorous Quintet

Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Status: Split-Up
Since: 1991-1993 (as A Canorous Quartet), 1993-1999

Mårten Hansen (Vocal)
Linus Nirbrant (Guitar)
Leo Pignon (Guitar)
Jesper Löfgren (Bass)
Fredrik Andersson (Guitar / Drums)

The Only Pure Hate [LP] (1998.04.14)
1. Selfdeceiver (The Purest of Hate)
2. Embryo of Lies
3. Red
4. The Void
5. Everbleed
6. The Complete Emptiness
7. Retaliation
8. Realm of Rain
9. The Storm
10. Land of the Lost