Old Witch (Updated!)

Country: Canada
Genre: Black/Drone/Doom Metal
Status: Active
Since 2012

Stephen H (Vocal & Guitar)
Will Bustin (Drums)
Graham B (Synths)

Come Mourning Come [Album] (2013.05.08)
1. Funeral Rain
2. This Land Has Been Cursed
3. God ov Wolves
4. Leaves Fall in Autumn
5. The Frost and the Tyrant
6. Olde Spyrits Haunt the Thickets

Old Witch / Keeper [Split] (2015.07.15)
Old Witch
1. The Vague Fears That Bother My Waking Life Regarding The Inevitability 
Of Death And What May Or May Not Lie Beyond
2. Broken Soil On An Early Grave
3. A Gathering Of Strangers Who Knew The Deceased But Not Too Well
4. Gallows (CocoRosie Cover)

5. Four Walls; A Home
6. With Or Without Pt. 1, 2 & 3



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