False Prophet

Country: USA
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal
Status: Active
Since: 2001

Paul Ray (Vocal & Guitar)
Mike Morrison (Guitar)
Chris Lyndon (Bass)
Tim Haisman (Drums)

Sign of the Cross [Demo] (1989.00.00)
1. Red Dawn
2. Sign Of The Cross
3. Devil's Meat
4. False Prophecy

The Second Death [Album] (1991.00.00)

1. Diabolic Rites (Intro) / Second Death
2. Holy Deception
3. In Satan's Name
4. Forgotten Souls
5. Bring Back A Memory

Second Death [Compilation] (2013.12.23)
"Second Death" (1991):
1. Diabolic Rites (Intro)
2. Second Death 
3. Holy Deception
4. In Satan's Name
5. Forgotten Souls
6. Bring Back A Memory

"Sign Of The Cross" (1989):
7. Red Dawn
8. Sign Of The Cross
9. Devil's Meat
10. False Prophecy

"Infernal Hierarchy" (1993):
11. First Born
12. False Prophecy

"Murder Or Mercy Live (1990)" (2013) Remastered:
13. Murder Or Mercy
14. Knights Of Salem



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