L'Acephale (Updated!)

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal/Ritual Ambient
Status: Active
Since: 2002

Set Sothis Nox La (Vocal/Keyboard)
Markus Wolff Militaristic (Vocal/Moog Synthesizer)
Jared Huston (Vocal/Guitar)
Danny Costa (Bass)
Charlie Mumma (Drums)

Parasitic-Nacht [Demo] (2004.11.00)

1. Burzumnacht
2. Book Of Lies
3. Seventh Gate
4. From A Miserable Abode

The Book of Lies [Single] (2005.05.00)
1. The Book of Lies
2. The Seventh Gate

Malefeasance [Album] (2008)
1. Väinämöinen Nacht 
2. Hitori Bon Odori
3. A Burned Village
4. From a Miserable Abode (alt mix)
5. Sleep Has His House (Current 93 cover)
6. Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted

Stahlhartes Gehäuse [Album] (2009.02.00)
1. Stahlhartes Gehäuse
2. Perdition
3. Stahlhartes Gehäuse II
4. Psalm Of Misery

Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted (Aiwass 93 mix) [Single] (2009.10.00)
1. Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted (Aiwass 93 mix)

Decollate [Demo] (2013.12.05)
1. Ye Entrancemperium (Emperor Cover)
2. Sleep Is The Enemy
3. As Flittermice As Satans Spy (Darkthrone Cover)
4. Passing Into Sleep
5. Allons Vior Si La Rose (Current 93 Cover)



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