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Samstag, 19. August 2017


Country: Finland / Italy
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

[Album] Humana Fragilitas
1. I Desire You ... Wrapped in Plastic
2. Photophobic City
3. Rotting in This Putrid Life
4. When Life Run on Razorblades...
5. For a Taste of a Lightened Existence
6. If My World Ends Without You
7. Children of Tomorrow Are All Gone
8. Stockholm (Lifelover cover)

[Album] The Seven States of Mourning (2012)
1. I Buried Myself at the Edge of the Sky
2. My Spirit Left from Me to the Stars
3. Lullabies of Thorns
4. In Oblivionem Ire
5. Gazin' Up at the Moon
6. Drowning in the Memory of a Cold Embrace
7. Orietur Tenebris Lux Tua
8. En Ring Til Å Herske (Burzum cover)

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