Country: USA
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

[Split] Friendship (2013)
1. Lost No More (Intro)
2. Smutecní Šaty (Mourning)
3. Zmrazené Mlha (Frozen Mist)

Worthless Life
4. Misanthropy of the Dead
5. Friendship
6. Sneni (Trist Cover)

[Demo] Dead Inside (Mrtvý Vnitrek) (2013)
1. Hope (Naděje)
2. Mourning (Samutek)
3. Lost (Ztracený)
4. Faith (Víra)
5. Blizzard (Vánice)

[Album] Psychosis (2014)
1. Moonlight
2. Night Sky
3. Afraid
4. Forgotten
5. Love Isn't Enough
6. Sinful Indulgence
7. Psychosis
8. Ritualistic Isolation
9. Bliss



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