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Samstag, 5. August 2017

Happy Days

Country: USA
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

[Demo]  A World of Pain (2007)
1. Introduksjon og Døende
2. Welcome (To a World of Pain)
3. Lidende
4. No Point in Living...
5. Dens Nettop Begonia

[Demo] Alone and Cold (2007)
1. Alone and Cold
2. End all Hope
3. Endless Suffering

[Demo] Drowning in Negativity (2007)
1. Nedslåttheten
2. Jeg Er Ikke Noe...
3. Tiggeren For Nei Barmhjertighet
4. En Annen Dag... En Annen Død...

[Album] Melancholic Memories (2008)
1. Drowning in Razorblades
2. The Beginning
3. Neglect...
4. Slowly and Painfully
5. Sneni (Trist Cover)

[Album] Defeated by Life (2008)
1. Emotionally Torn from Within
2. The Painful Truth
3. Hurt, Destroyed and Torn... There's Nothing Left
4. A World of Pain
5. Defeated by Life
6. Hate Life (Life Neglected Cover)
7. Trvony Labyrinth (Trist cover)

Little Info ~ The last track Trvony Labyrinth is misspelled on the back cover of the CD, the right spelling is Trnový Labyrint.

[Split] The Bitter Taste of Life (2008)
Happy Days
1. Loneliness
2. A Scar not a Razor
3. Forever Asleep (Dead)

4. Den Hemlöses Klagosång
5. Den Sista Droppen Utav Liv
6. Namnlös och Bortglömd

Little Info ~ This Album was never released.

[Split] Children of Failure (2009)
1. Years of Angst
2. My Grave

Black Hate
3. Soledad
4. Alone and Cold

Happy Days
5. Dying Alone Done

All The Cold
6. Coldly to Heart
7. New Day Without Me

[Album] Happiness Stops Here (2009)
1. Don't Go
2. My Brutus
3. What It Feels to Be Unloved
4. Sovnlose Netter I Mitt Isolatrom
5. Letting Go
6. No Tomorrow
7. Take Me Away

[Split] The First Step Towards Suicide (2010)
Happy Days
1. Clinging onto a Chance of Happiness
2. A Bleak Future That Awaits Us
3. Too Sick to Speak
4. Screams That Go Unheard (Test Subjects)

5. De Nacht
6. Ter Aarde
7. As tot Stof, Stof tot As
8. Bloedspoor

[Album] Cause of Death: Life (2012)
1. Happy Days
2. Broken
3. Cold Aggression
4. For These Wounds Will Never Be as Deep as This Emptiness
5. Industrial Melancholy
6. Alone and Cold
7. No Point in Living
8. Take Me Away
9. Abigail
10. Abwärts (Freitod cover)

[Split] The Great Depression I (2014)
1. 葬歌: Funeral Song
2. Sorrow Memories
3. Woe
4. Fragile Hope

Happy Days
5. Guilty
6. Mental Collapse (In Stellar Sphere Misery)
7. Hollowed by Lunacy
8. Swan Song Decadence
9. Life Goes On...

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