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Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

Hanging Garden

Country: USA
Genre: Depressive Black Metal

[Album] How Will You Live Your Life Today? (2009)
1. Only in My Mind
2. Under the Hanging Vines
3. Somewhere in My Heart
4. Will I End Up Losing You Some Day
5. An Urge to Withdraw
6. Past Mistakes in Life
7. Tears of a Silent Rain
8. A Beautiful Song of Never Reached Dreams

[Album] Goodbye Love... Hello Heartache... (2011)
1. Where I Belong
2. I Was Cold Beside You
3. Hope Has Vanished Within My Heart
4. Sleep Overdose
5. Hanging Garden
6. Goodbye Love... Hello Heartache...
7. Prolonged Isolation (Managarm Cover)

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