Country: United States
Status: Active
Since: 2007

Genre: Sludge/Stoner Metal

Shiv (Vocal/Guitar)
Luke (Bass/Vocal)
Josh (Drums/Vocal)

[Album] ((Thorlock)) (2008.04.01)
1. Assneck 
2. Man Will Lose 
3. Duece
4. Mississippi Wheelwash
5. Triceratops 
6. Extinct 
7. Keep On Rockin In The Free World 
8. Beyond Cosmic Dimentions

[Album] Louder than Stupidity (2015.12.25)
1. Grateful Death  
2. Excitable Boyz
3. Illusional Faith
4. Louder than Stupidity
5. Containment Wall
6. Young Boners
7. Ride the Dawn
8. The Judas Twerk
9. Tacomeat (I'm Getting Old)
10. Poser Evil
11. Egodeth



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