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Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017


Genre: Black Metal
Country: Netherlands

[Album] Night Of Consecration (2015)
1. Cursed in Moonlight
2. Black Depths Beyond the Gate
3. An Ancient Spell 
4. The Earth Blackened by Infernal Curse 
5. The Red Robe Order
6. Silence of the Grave 
7. Rising of the Satanic Majesty 
8. The Burning Throne 
9. Kingdoms Fall to Ruin 
10. Night of Consecration

[Album] The Murky Black of Eternal Night  (2017)
1. Curse of the Old Coffin
2. Monument of Death
3. Funeral Bells
4. The Serpent's Tongue
5. Summoning Ancient Evil
6. Return to the Tomb
7. The Murky Black of Eternal Night
8. Cursed Blood
9. The Coldest Grave
10. Night on the Black Mountain

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