36 Crazyfists

Country: Alaska
Genre: Nu Metal / Metalcore

[Album] Bitterness The Star (2002)
1. Turns to Ashes 
2. One More Word 
3. Agreement Called Forever 
4. Eightminutesupsidedown 
5. Slit Wrist Theory 
6. Bury Me Where I Fall 
7. Dislocate 
8. Two Months Form a Year 
9. Chalk White 
10. All I Am 
11. Ceramic 
12. Circle the Drain 
13. Left Hand Charity

[Album] Snow Capped Romance (2004)
1. At The End Of August 
2. Heart And The Shape 
3. Bloodwork 
4. Kenai 
5. Skin And Atmosphere 
6. Song For The Fisherman 
7. With Nothing Underneath 
8. Destroy The Map 
9. Installing The Catheter 
10. Cure Eclipse 
11. Waterhaul



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