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Freitag, 21. April 2017


Country: USA
Genre: Technical Progressive Thrash Metal
Status: Active
Since: 1985-1996, 1996-1999 (as Mother God Moviestar), 2014-present

Kyriakos "Charlie" Tsiolis (Vocal)
John Lovette (Guitar)
Steve Sacco (Guitar)
Chris Waldron (Bass)
Ray Schmidt (Drums)

Words That Echo Fear [Demo] (1989.00.00)
1. Words That Echo Fear
2. A Temptation to Overthrow
3. Being
4. Experience

Eyes of Tomorrow [Album] (1994.00.00)
1. Words That Echo Fear
2. Eyes of Tomorrow
3. Being
4. Experience
5. Afraid of Time
6. Reflecting Pictures
7. Change of Mood
8. The Act of Unspoken Wisdom
9. Whisper of a Dream
10. Proud Reflex
11. Snuff

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