Country: Australia
Genre: Thrash Metal
Status: Split-up
Since: 1986-1996

Greg Smith (Vocal/Bass)
Mick Sultana (Guitar)
Joe Buttigieg (Guitar)
Steve Moore (Drums)

Pity of Man [Album] (1989.00.00)
1. Get Out Of My Life
2. Come Before The Storm
3. Boiling Point
4. Sonder Kommando
5. The Gorge
6. What Ward R.U. In?
7. Echoes Of The Mind
8. Addictive Friend
9. My Foe
10. Pity Of Man

Kick 'Em Hard [Album] (1993.00.00)
1. Distemper 
2. Waiting For Yesterday 
3. Kick 'em Hard 
4. You're Perfect 
5. Towards Extinction 
6. Wacked 
7. You Never Know 
8. Man Made Act Of God 
9. Serves You Right 
10. Bitch



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