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Sonntag, 19. März 2017


Country: UK
Genre: -/-
Status: Changed Name
Since: 1979-1982, 1982 (as Aurora)

Gary Owens (Guitar)
Dave Owens (Vocal)
Tony Backhouse (Bass)
Simon Wright (Drums)

BBC in Concert [Live Album] (1980.00.00)
1. S.O.S.
2. Rest In Peace
3. Walk A Distance
4. U.X.B.
5. The Witch Of Berkeley

The Witch of Berkeley [Live Album] (1980.09.23)
1. No Fun After Midnight
2. Lay Down
3. Walking the Distance
4. Glastonbury Massacre (instrumental)
5. Danger U.X.B.
6. The Witch of Berkeley 
7. Last Stand
8. The Romp
9. The King Is Dead

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