Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore Punk, Metalcore, Melodic Hardcore
Status: Active
Since: 2003

Sean Murphy
Danny Pupplo
Gregg Gallo
Dustin Newcombe
Tom Bissonette

Consequences [Album] (2009.04.21)
1. Consequences
2. Weed Out The Weak
3. Such Great Depths
4. Promises Wept
5. Mike Tyson
6. The Bridge
7. Avoidant: Ghost Will Haunt
8. John Doe
9. Whatever Distance
10. Welcome Inferno
11. Glaciers: 10/21/03
12. Rise and Fail
13. Living Through Losses: 2/30/01
14. As Low As ALIFE Gets
15. Encounters At The End Of The World



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