Country: Sweden
Genre: Power Metal
Status: Active
Since: 1998-2001 (as Powerage), 2001-present

Magnus Winterwild (Vocal, Keyboard (2001-present), Guitar (2005-2008), Bass (2008-present))
Joakim Jonsson (Guitar)
Adam Lindberg (Drums)
Jens Klovegård (Guitar)

Far from Heaven [Album] (2003.11.10)
1. The Descending (Intro)
2. Infernal Angel
3. Blind Leading the Blind
5. Far from Heaven
6. Abandoned
7. Children Forlorn
8. Death Denied
9. Blackout
10. Northern Sky

The Final Requiem [Album] (2006.09.08)
1. Final Requiem
2. Condemnation
3. The Divine
4. Edge of the World
5. Thirteen
6. The Hide
7. Underworld
8. Spirit
9. Pagan Ritual
10. Seeds of Evil
11. End of the Line
12. Beyond the Lies



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