Country: Brazil
Genre: Death Metal
Status: Split-up
Since: 1994-1998 (as Anesthesia), 1998-?

Luciano Zanotto (Bass/Vocal)
Fábio Suliani (Guitar)
Daniel Suliani (Guitar)
Márcio Bonesso (Drums)

Rites of the Eternal Hate [Album] (2000.00.00)
1. Rites of the Eternal Hate (Intro)
2. Abomination...of Creation
3. Real Glory Revealed
4. Diabolical Redemption
5. Burn on Behalf of God
6. Hated by the Flames
7. The Emptiness of the Flesh
8. Smell of Death

Doutrine of False Martyr [Album] (2003.00.00)
1. Purity in Flames
2. Reigning in the Impure Blood
3. Doutrine of False Martyr
4. Triumph of the Impure Ones
5. The Unholy March
6. Fallen Angel
7. Empire in Blasphemy
8. Hatefull Divine Creation
9. The Emptiness of the Flesh - Part II



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