Country: Sweden
Genre: Death Metal
Status: Split-up
Since: 1988-1989 (as Morbid Salvation Army), 1989-1999, 1999 (as Chimera)

Jörgen Kristensen (Vocal/Guitar)
Jens Klovegård (Bass/Drums/Guitar (Lead))
Magnus Wall (Bass)
Mats Blyckert (Drums)

The Tide [Compilation] (2012.08.08)
Disc 1
Side A
1. The Tide
2. Configuration
3. Intro
4. Reduced to a Pulp
5. Liquified Skeleton
6. Fatal Inversion
7. Protained Existence
8. Evisceration
Side B
9. Recantetion of the Forsaken
10. Forever to Be Vanished There In
11. Darkness Greets

Disc 2
Side A
1. Condemned to Misery
2. Infinite Blessing
3. The Realms of Immortality
4. Dormant Reality
Side B
5. Soul Plague (rehearsal)
6. God Macabre (rehearsal)
7. In the Flesh (rehearsal)
8. Forever to Be Vanished There In (unreleased version)
9. The Tide (rehearsal)



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