Country: Germany
Genre: Progessive Metal
Status: Split-Up
Since: 1994-1999

Frank-Otto Conrad (Vocal)
Uwe Fleischhauer (Guitar)
Dago Gerdes (Bass)
Kai-Uwe Broeck (Drums)
Günter Eiken (Keyboard)

Behind the Mask [Album] (1996-00-00)
1. Intro 
2. Calls Over Ashes 
3. Time To Remember 
4. Another Ordinary Day 
5. Confide 
6. Behind The Mask 
7. Levitation 
8. Dream (And You'll Believe) 
9. Changes 
10. River Of Eternal Screams 
11. Suicide Boulevard

Secrecy [Album] (1997-00-00)
1. Crimson 
2. Heavenward 
3. Now And Forevermore 
4. Unfinished Life 
5. Vivien 
6. Grave Dancers 
7. Watercolors 
8. The Maze 
9. Symbolic 
10. Lost Babylon



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