The Wandering Midget

Country: Finland
Genre: Doom Metal
Status: Active
Since: 2005

Samuel Wormius (Vocal/Guitar & Effects)
Thomas Grenier (Bass & Vocal (Background)
Jonathan Sprenger (Drums)

I Am the Gate [Compilation] (2007.12.07)
1. Inquisition Arrives
2. Urk The Conqueror
3. Black Figure Follows The Burial Company
4. Wolfslayer
5. The Wandering Midget
6. I Am The Gate
7. Wasteland Shrine

The Serpent Coven [Album] (2008.10.10)
1. Pillars Of Sapiris
2. Taynia
3. Family Curse
4. The Thing From The Black Reef
5. Bring Forth The Accused
6. The Serpent Coven

From the Meadows of Opium Dreams [Album] (2012.11.30)
1. Prince Of Fire
2. Temples In The Sky
3. She-Wolf
4. Follow The Forest Lights



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