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Freitag, 11. März 2016


Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Status: Active
Since: 2006-2007 (as Moravia), 2007-present

Tuomas Yli-Jaskari (Vocal/Guitar)
Roni Seppänen (Guitar)
Jonne Lindqvist (Bass)
Perttu Kurttila (Drums)
Vili Itäpelto (Keyboard)

Tracedawn [Album] (2008.03.19)
1. Without Walls
2. Test Of Faith
3. Art Of Violence
4. Fallen Leaves
5. In Love With Insanity
6. Path Of Reality
7. Widow
8. Justice For None

Ego Anthem [Album] (2009.09.24)
1. Make Amends 
2. Part Of The Wounded 
3. Scum 
4. In Your Name 
5. Your Way Is Not For Me 
6. Dirt Track Speedball 
7. Repeating Mistakes 
8. Brain Attack 
9. The Forsaken

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